Jewish Storytelling in the Arts

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Jewish Storytelling in the Arts


Jewish arts
Storytelling--Religious aspects--Judaism
Sephardim in literature


What makes a story “read Jewish”? Reading Jewish is understanding certain elements of a story that can be viewed from a Jewish lens and holds certain Jewish qualities that are religious, moral, social, or cultural. It is what makes a story uniquely Jewish. This idea extends to many written-word mediums: literature, screenwriting, playwriting, and songwriting to name a few. It also extends to many genres, such as comedy, drama, fantasy, science fiction, mythology, philosophy/morality, and more.

This collection examines works of art by Jewish musical theatre giants and literature/folklore figures to explore the question of "reading Jewish"


Briscoe Archives; Benson Archives; Harry Ransom Center

Items in the Jewish Storytelling in the Arts Collection

The Tide Short Story.png

Americo Paredes 1933
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Barbara Streisand
Isaac Bashevis Singer
August 1982

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