Impact of the Indian War on Native Americans

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Impact of the Indian War on Native Americans


Indigenous Peoples, American Indian War


Conflict between the Indigenous peoples of the Americans and the whites traces its roots back to the beginning of colonialism in the Americas. Although there has always been varying levels of tension between the now United States and Native Americans, the indigenous faced increased degrees of otherness as a result of colonialism. This aformentioned otherness and acts of brutality on both sides further escalated as individuals of European descent began to spread West following this idea of Manifest Destiny. As a result, conflict between the two groups became increasingly more common as the United States strived to push the Indigenous peoples onto reservations and the Natives attempted to defend their sacred homelands. The battle report by Carrington goes into further detail as he describes how he believed the battle must have taken place, including an intricate description of the death count on both sides. Carrington further describes the mutilations that took place at the hands of the Native Americans on the United States military personnel. This can help attribute to why the conflict between the two groups stayed prevalent for so long as atrocities were committed on both sides.


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