An Introduction to Access

Defined by its transformation from a hamlet on the banks of the Colorado River to a global powerhouse, Austin is a city firmly planted in the cultural landscape of Texas, the United States, and the World. Perhaps the two largest drivers of this rise can be found in the music industry and the University of Texas at Austin. But these stories are not straightforward. Each has its rise and fall, its dark and twisted past. The story of Austin is a story of access, of protest and demands that the city be available to all of its citizens, no matter their race or gender. The stories of Almetris Duren, Dorothy Gebauer, Cliff Antone, and Muddy Waters, among others, demonstrate this fight for access.

This exhibit examines how essential the fight for access is and how individual voices carry change beyond the period in which they live. Focusing on Austin from the 1940's to the 1980's, the stories of several prominent figures in Austin's fight for access are profiled. These stories serve as reminders that the fight for equality has come a long way. However, in understanding that we must remember that access is not always a given and it must be our personal goal to ensure that all have equal opportunities. 

Credits: Olivia Green, Casey Pack, Dylan Shears