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Generating Activism and Ideological Mobilization: Leftist Organization in Latino Communities from the 1930s to 1980s

This exhibit draws upon primary sources at the Benson and Briscoe Archives to analyze different leftist organizing and consciousness-raising strategies in Latino unions and communities across North and Latin America.


Parker Aguilera, Alex Goralski, Ramiro de los Santos, and Sydney Thornborrow

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John L. Spivak and the Role of Investigative Journalism in Exposing Mass Incarceration as New Slavery

Formed from a selection of the John L. Spivak papers and photographs, this exhibit displays the importance of investigative journalism in exposing systematic mistreatment of black prisoners in southern prisons and in promoting policy changes during the Progressive Era. This specific campus archive can reveal the “hidden history” of a form of slavery after its abolition through photographic and journalistic evidence, and how this form of investigation began to be used to counteract the issue of social injustice, as well as raise awareness of worker's rights.

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