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Highlighting Inequity and Identity in History

Welcome to Highlighting Inequity and Identity in History!

The mission of these exhibits is to highlight a small portion of the battles for social equity and the exploration of marginalized identities that are hidden in our on-campus archives. Events that played pivotal roles in social and political movements have been well-documented in the archives and libraries located at the University of Texas at Austin. For many reasons, many of these conflicts have been hidden from the public eye. We have set out to shine a spotlight on these social inequities within the university's archival collections to tell some stories about these previously underrepresented narratives.

About This Project

This online digital archive was created by the 2019 students of Dr. Elon Lang's LAH/HMN350 course, Treasure Hunt in Campus Archives: Giving Voice to Hidden Histories. In this class, students engaged in direct archival research with collections related to social justice at the University of Texas at Austin's Harry Ransom Center, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, and LLILAS Benson Latin American Collection. Students learned about the theoretical approaches to archiving, as well as the role of archives as active cultural heritage institutions. The interrelated Omeka exhibits are part of the students' collaborative capstone projects, which in 2019 also included revamping and building upon the work of the previous year's class. This site aims to showcase some of the University's lesser-known archival holdings and to contextualize the archival material with research the students conducted in the University's libraries.

Political Freedoms of Women


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Strategies to Promote Black Equality


This exhibit highlights specific events during the struggle for Black equality in the United States. We link them through the...

The Birth Control Movement in 1930s America


The birth control movement in the United States began in the early 1900s by many activist groups and individual citizens,...

Mexican-American Identity in the Southwest


In the American Southwest, particularly in Texas, there is a strong sense of regional identity connected to Mexico and the...

Gender Roles in the Public and Private Sphere: Marriage and Reproductive Health


This exhibit aims to explore the concepts of gender identity in both the private and public spheres. Though the materials...

Injustices in Publishing


The publishing world has a history of limiting the voices that do not reflect a white, male, straight, or middle-class...